Facts and Figures: Digitalisation

Figure 1 The average share of enterprises with advanced ICT functions, (i.e.: ICT security and data protection activities, tailoring of business management software and the development of web solutions) is 30 per cent across EU countries. Only 6.3 per cent of enterprises, on average, have a “high” advanced ICT functions.

Figure 2 On average, around 50 per cent of jobs in EU countries with available data are likely to be significantly affected by automation over the next 10 20 years. 18 per cent of jobs are at highly likely to be affected by automation, and a further 32 per cent of jobs are likely to experience significant change.

Figure 3 On average, OECD forecasts predict that labour markets will continue to polarise, with growth in high- and low-skilled jobs, and the share of medium- skilled jobs declining.

Figure 4 On average across EU countries, employment in services will continue to grow between now and 2025. Employment in manufacturing is expected to slightly decline in many EU countries. However, some are still expected to experience significant growth in manufacturing.

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